Akademik & Eğitim

Australian National University:Entering a new age of enlightenment with advanced analytics from IBM
Babson College implements innovative curriculum:Number One college for entrepreneurship chooses IBM SPSS software to teach business analytics
Target your best prospects and retain “customers”:How Baruch College successfully gains and retains students using predictive analytics
Hamilton County Department of Education:Achieving record school graduation rates and helping students progress with predictive analytics
Kent State Professor easily analyzes data and collaborates with colleagues:IBM® SPSS ® Statistics for Macintosh ® facilitates research across computer platforms
Michigan State University:Advanced analytics of donors’ engagement, sentiments and behavior enables smarter fundraising
Penn State University IBM SPSS Statistics prepares students for the real world of research:Comprehensive analytical software gives graduates the research skills employers seek most
University of Ulster:Teaching data mining to students
University of Western Sydney learns the secrets of student retention:Harnessing predictive analytics to understand and address the key causes of student attrition
NYU Making statistics relevant and easy to learn:IBM® SPSS® Statistics keeps students engaged by allowing for “real world” problem solving with larger datasets
McKinley Children’s Center: Delivering the right children’s services with IBM Big Data & Analytics solution improves outcomes

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